Newall Green Clever Clowns Day Nursery

Why Choose us?

We are the 'small' nursery with the 'big heart.  We understand that choosing a Nursery for your child is a huge decision and we aim to provide the perfect solution for you and your child by offering a safe, fun, stimulating and homely learning environment.

Clever Clowns Day Nursery - Newall Green is owned and managed by the Director, Sharon Makin, BA (Hons) alongside her staff team.  Sharon is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Education and Early Childhood and is a qualified assessor of childcare and has 2 children of her own. 

To ease the transition of your child into nursery we offer '5' free settling in sessions taking into account your child's unique needs and invite you to sign up to our 'closed' facebook group and Tapestry online Learning Journal wherer you will see photographs and videos of how well your child is doing.  Our Child Registration Form allows us to get to know your child before they start.  We can offer you a home visit to discuss your requirements, however, due to COVID-19 we have put a hold on these.  We pride ourselves in both meeting and exceeding the standards laid down by OFSTED and endeavour to provide outstanding childcare.

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Our Pedagogy and Approach

Our mission is to create a community of creative, curious and independent thinkers and learners whose unique abilities and strengths are celebrated in a respectful, nurturing and enabling environment through positive relationships.  Children are at the heart of everything we do.  We value the uniqueness of every child and their family and value the importance of parents and carers as the primary educators of their child.  We give children the freedom to explore our calm and tranquil environment for themselves and allow them to feel safe and secure within it by facilitating the Key Person Approach.

We are a setting inspired and accredited by 'The Curiosity Approach' and 'Hygge in the Early Years'.  We provide children with rich, authentic, natural and open-ended materials and resources which further develop your child's innate curiosity, awe and wonder for the world.  We believe children learn best when they follow their own interests and fascinations and we allow the children to lead us

on their unique educational journey alongside skilful practitioners. 


We plan for children 'in the moment' so that practitioners can spend most of their time engaging with the children and not paperwork.  We offer your child provocations and invitations to learn as we believe the practitioners role is to observe, wait, listen, comment, support, scaffold and be wonder-filled alongside the child.    


Your child will develop a relationship with all of the practitioners within the nursery, however, they will have a special bond with their 'Key Person'.  The 'Key Person' will focus on high quality interactions with your child and ensure that the enabling environment is the child's third teacher.  Your child will have their own accessible online Tapestry Learning Journal available at any time where you can upload photographs and videos of your child's adventures at home too!.