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Our Baby Room  

Our Baby Room has 12 places and is led by Zohora and Natasha. Both staff have a Level 3 qualification in Childcare and are both qualified in administering Paediatric First Aid.  Both are parents themselves too! 

Our Toddler & Pre-School Room at Newall Green

Our Toddler & Pre-School Room has 38 places and is led by Laura.  Laura has a Level 3 qualification in Childcare and has worked at the nursery since we opened this site in September 2012.  Laura is also the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, is Paediatric First Aid Trained and has a Level 2 Award in Team Leading. 

Alongside Laura in the Toddler & Pre-School Room are Tiffany (Level 3), Melissa (Level 3), Paige O (Level 2) and Ella (Level 2) Grace (Level 2) and Paige S, Macy and Rhiannon who are all working towards their qualification.

Healthy Eating

We serve meals made mostly from fresh ingredients as well as providing healthy snacks, including fresh fruit and vegetables.  We know

that a varied and healthy diet contributes to your child''s well-being. Therefore, nutritionally, balanced meals are devised along with regular

fluid intake, including milk and water.  

We are accredited by the Early Years Nutrition Partnership and follow the 5532-a-day approach in line with guidance from the British

Nutrition Foundation www.nutrition.org.uk/healthyliving/toddlers and also use the 'Eat Better, Start Better Guidance that has been issued by

The School Food Trust.

We are also happy to incorporate any changes for children with special dietary requirements and use diet to promote awareness of the multi-cultural society that we live in.